Fra' Mauro's World Map: a history

Fra' Mauro's World Map: a history

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Author: Piero Falchetta 
Number of pages 124 
Size: 21 x 29.7 cm 
Perfect binding 
Publisher: Imago Ltd 
Year of issue: November 2013
ISBN 9788890803321

A work of outstanding historical and scientific significance, Fra’ Mauro’s world map continues to fascinate us. In terms of form, it is one of the very last of the medieval mappaemundi, in which the depiction of space was a manifestation of divine order; yet it is also one of the very first Early Modern maps, whose goal was to achieve a scientific definition of geographical space. Combining scholarship and narrative flair, this book – by Piero Falchetta, Head of the Map Department – tells the story of a remarkable work which, most fittingly, was a product of fifteenth-century Venice.


Maurizio Messina, Director of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana


Piero Falchetta is a historian of cartography, navigation and travel. 

His publications include: Storia del Mogol di Nicolò Manuzzi veneziano (Milano 1986), La veduta di Venezia di Jacopo de’ Barbari (Venezia 2000), Fra Mauro’s World Map (Turnhout 2006), The Portolan of Michael of Rhodes (Cambridge, MA, 2009), Il trattato ‘De navigatione’ di Benedetto Cotrugli (Studi Veneziani, 2011).

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